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Get Fall Protection Systems at bulk pricing from TC Safety Rail! We offer high-quality fall protection from American Fall Protection Safety Equipment Suppliers and Fall Protection Systems Manufacturers across the country. If you're looking for fall protection systems for rooftops, loading docks, skylight guarding protection, flatbed trailer fall protection systems and much more, TC Safety Rail is the number one name in safe work areas!

Don't let any others fool you with unreliable safety equipment. We carry fall protection systems from the most trusted names in the industry, such as certified 3M products!

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Skylight Barrier Skylight Barrier
The Skylight Barrier is the perfect fast-install, low-cost solution to guarding skylights and temporary roof openings. Free-standing, non-penetrating design allows every company the ability to install an OSHA compliant barrier without the need for specialty contractors, penetrating the roof membrane or compromising the skylight structure by fastening a mechanically attached permanent system. All systems can be installed in under an hour, minimizing wasted time on the job-site.
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Screen Guard Skylight Protector Screen Guard Skylight Protector
The ScreenGuard Skylight Screen is just one more way to guard your skylights with OSHA compliant fall protection. The ScreenGuard system simply fits over the frame of your skylight and offers secure attachment with a compression fit. There are no mechanical fasteners, adhesive or straps to secure the ScreenGuard to the skylight. Once it’s on – it won’t come off unless you go get some wrenches and take it off. ScreenGuard Skylight Protector Screen is the most cost effective solution we offer yet is very strong – so strong in fact, that many sizes are rated up to 500 lbs – well above the OSHA requirements.
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Skylight Guard Skylight Guard
Need a low-cost, set-in-place, non-penetrating skylight guarding solution? The Skylight Guard is what you’ve been looking for. Simply place over the skylight and walk away. It’s that easy. Completely OSHA compliant – even the much tougher California OSHA requirements. You won’t find an easier, safer, more cost effective solution to skylight fall protection than the SkyDome fall protection skylight protector. This ultra low-cost skylight protection solution is completely free-standing, non-penetrating and lightweight.
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Permanent Warning Line Systems Permanent Warning Line Systems
Everlast Permanent Warning Line System
Like the name implies these warning line systems are made for permanent installations to warn personnel of hazardous areas. Featuring cast iron base plates, plastic coated aircraft cable and heavy plastic or metal pennants, these systems require little to no maintenance and will last indefinitely. The ultimate solution for permanent demarcation of hazardous areas can be found with the EverLast Permanent Warning Line System.

The system comes with:
  • Heavy dudty base plates
  • Plastic coated cable
  • Your choice of high density plastic pennants or metal pennants
  • Your choice of powder coated safety yellow finish or galvanized finish

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SRC Hatch Guard SRC Hatch Guard
The SRC Hatch Guards are an essential means of preventing personnel from falling through an open roof hatch.
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Rooftop Ladder Protection - LadderGuard Rooftop Ladder Protection - LadderGuard
LadderGuard Rooftop Ladder System - Rooftop Ladder Gate With Railings. Finally! An AFFORDABLE, OSHA Compliant Way To Guard Rooftop Ladder Access! Bulk Quantity Discounts Available!.
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SRC Crossover Ladder SRC Crossover Ladder
SRC Crossover Ladders are an essential means of moving personnel over and across barriers on rooftops and inside industrial plants. Our crossover ladders come in a variety of sizes and configurations custom designed to meet the precise needs of the facility.
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SRC Hatch Guard Accu-Fit Corrugated Deck Base Plate
The SRC Accu-Fit railing system is designed to be used at or around leading edge fall hazard areas to prevent workers from being exposed to the fall hazard itself.
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SRC Hatch Guard Mobile Base Mover
The Mobile Base Mover is a tool used for easy transportation of mobile bases.
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Skylight Guard Corrugated Skylight Guard
Corrugated Skylight Guard for protecton for flush-mounted metal panel roof guards. Safety Rail Company carry's standing seam, R-Panel, and corrugated.
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SRC Hatch Guard Accu-Fit Curved Railing
The SRC Accu-Fit railing system is designed to be used at or around leading edge fall hazard areas to prevent workers from being exposed to the fall hazard itself.
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SRC Hatch Guard Mobile Fall Restraint System
The SRC Mobile Restraint System is an ideal non-penetrating mobile restraint solution. Include (6) SRC Bases, Fall Restraint Center Bracket, Forged D-Ring and pins.
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Never-Rust Aluminum Stanchions and Rubber Base Never-Rust Aluminum Stanchions and Rubber Base
This visual warning line system is a completely non-metal guarding solution, featuring a 30 lb. recycled rubber base plate and aluminum stanchion.The system can carry a variety of flagged line. When using heavier flagged line for wind-prone areas, simply move stanchions closer together to maintain proper warning line height of 34"–39" above the walking surface as prescribed by OSHA.
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Never-Rust Delineator Stanchions and Rubber Base Never-Rust Delineator Stanchion and Rubber Base
This Never-Rust Visual Warning Line Safety Cone acts as low-cost, OSHA-compliant method of alerting workers of a fall hazard area.
  • 42-inch tall, high-impact, low-density polyethylene channelizing cone
  • Holds flags at 39" on stanchions
  • 30lb. recycled rubber base
  • Can accommodate a variety of flagged line
  • Reinforced easy-grip loop handle
  • Stackable with or without bases
  • Safety orange color with ultraviolet stabilizer for fade resistance
  • Meets federal MUTCD and OSHA standards
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Single Opening Roller Deck Gate Single Opening Roller Deck Gate
The roller deck gate doesn't swing out, it pulls straight back, parallel with the wall. The rolling gate will pull away from the opening as far as needed fron 4' to 12'. Customized to fit as needed.
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SRC Hatch Guard Toeboards With SRC 360 Mobile Safety Railings
The toeboards connect to the mobile bases from one base to the next. The toeboards block/stop potentially kicked debris from falling to the ground.
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