Mezzanine Safety Gate - Vertical Lift - Dual Gate - OSHA and ANSI Compliant

Mezzanine Safety Gate - Vertical Lift - Dual Gate
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Industrial Mezzanine Safety Gate that exceeds OSHA and ANSI regulations protecting your workers from falls. Dual Gate System - One gate closes the other gate lifts.

Our LedgeGuard Vertical Lift Mezzanine Safety Gate exceeds OSHA and ANSI regulations and protects your workers from falls and protect mezzanine and pallet drop areas.

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Mezzanine Safety Gates - 100% Mezzanine and Pallet Drop Fall Protection!

Finally you can have a mezzanine safety gate system that is always in the “protect” mode because one gate is always down. The LedgeGuard Vertical Lift Mezzanine Safety Gate's secret is that as one gate closes the other gate lifts so it’s protecting workers 100% of the time. No need to remember to shut the gate – it just happens automatically.

Comply With OSHA and ANSI By Installing Mezzanine Safety Gates

It is not just a good idea anymore, mezzanine safety gates are now law in many States, simply because they work. There will never be a way to calculate how many accidents have been diverted by using them, but clearly, accident reports have gone down significantly since these products have been adopted into the working environment

With this improved performance, comes decreased insurance costs, and improved moral, all adding up to a better business model.

As of May 19, 2010, mezzanine safety gates for mezzanine spaces have a new standard set up to reach out for. It is a dual-gate safety system, approved by the American National Standard (ANSI) published by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association, part of the Material Handling Industry. The new standards specify that a dual-gate system is necessary to protect the ledges of pallet drop areas on industrial work platforms.

Mezzanines Create a Very Serious Fall Hazard

Mezzanines create a very serious fall hazard simply because of how high they can be off the ground. Making sure your employees are protected by a Mezzanine safety gate while working on your mezzanine is very important.

You can enclose your mezzanine, but there will be times when the forklift needs to lift material or equipment up to your mezzanine.

The LedgeGuard vertical lift Mezzanine safety gate allows your forklift safe access to the mezzanine without having to remove your fall protection.

Selecting the Right Mezzanine Safety Gate Is Imperative to Avoid Mezzanine Accidents and Allow Safe Forklift Access

Reasons You Should Have a Mezzanine Safety Gate:

  • Prevent mezzanine injuries
  • Reduce medical expenditures
  • Help avoid workers’ compensation claims
  • Decrease Insurance Costs
  • You can Save lives by reducing work-related mezzanine falls and accidents by installing a mezzanine safety gate.

Leading edge mezzanine fall protection is very important. Often these are very busy areas with forklifts, pallet trucks, and personnel Ledge Guard Mezzanine Gate System constantly moving in and around these areas. You need secure protection for these areas and LedgeGuard Mezzanine Safety Gate is the perfect answer. It offers absolute security at material loading / unloading points. Opposing gates allow the outer gate to be open to receive goods while the inner gate remains closed to protect personnel.

Protect Your Mezzanine with LedgeGuard Industrial Gate

When the access gate for the mezzanine is open for the forklift to deliver product up to the mezzanine, the access gate for your employee on the mezzanine is closed.

Once the product has been put up on the mezzanine, your employee can open the access gate which will close off the forklift access. That means your mezzanine is always protected at the delivery access.

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